Employer Branding

Event-marketing is more than external communication. It is becoming an increasingly important tool of internal communication helping to develop and maintain relationships with employees and suppliers. This component of our product range is targeted primarily at HR departments.

What we offer in this area was built on the experience gained in other areas of activity, including mass events, promotion and image-building events, open-air shows, concerts, conferences and congresses.

We are implementing solutions successfully tested in these areas in employee events, thus creating a new quality in terms of company integration and internal events. Indeed, we believe that the communication format is equally as important here as it is in external and marketing communication, since employees are an important carrier of opinions and their influence on the image of the company is equally as important as that of customers, partners or competitors.

Our ability to leverage our experience in mass events allows us to ensure suitable standards and solutions in the area of safety. The implementation of a full visual identification of an event, including its textual and image-based sign, as is normally done in promotional and image-building campaigns, helps achieve suitable branding of an event and provides a visual framework. And the use of advanced technology, including participant registration systems and security and access control adapted from large conferences, elevates the professionalism of a company outing to an entirely different level.

We do not offer template-based or repeatable solutions. Nor do we use the lowest-price criterion in playing the market, as we firmly believe that quality will defend itself, a belief confirmed by customer reviews.

In this segment event-factory offers comprehensive organisation of open-air employee picnic events for up to 10000 participants, integration and team building events for smaller groups, and seasonal events (e.g. carnival parties). We also organise theme-based urban games combining the virtual and real world.

We also have products in the segment of incentive and luxury travel for small groups of up to 20. Event-factory will also organise hi-end meetings and off-site management board meetings.

Our portfolio includes projects delivered to Hewlett-Packard for 2500-5000 participants, an anniversary outing for the employees of Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie (currently Grupa Azoty) and an outdoor picnic event for Bahlsen-Lajkonik.