Mass events

Mass event organisation is among the most important components of our portfolio. Indeed, event-factory stands out from the field with a history of mass events that goes back to the very beginning of the organisation.

Our prime target customer group includes local authorities of all levels, but we will work with any organisation interested in the comprehensive mounting of mass events, concerts, open-air shows or the increasingly popular mass sports events.

More and more, mass events are chosen by brands that pin their customer communication on strong, memorable events, such as mass-attendance concerts or festivals. By positioning products and brands in events customers build communication credibility, message authenticity, as well as strong relationships.

At event-factory we have a unique expertise that we developed early on, between 2003 and 2007, when the founders of the event-factory brand, Mr Konrad Koper and Mr Sebastian Godula, were at the helm of the organisation of all flagship events organised by the City of Krakow. Subsequently, this know-how was consolidated as event-factory organised more than 300 mass events across Poland.