event-marketing is one of the most effective brand value building tool.

We believe that direct participation in a relevant event is the best tool for turning a product user into a product ambassador. The event, however, must be based on an original idea and be perfectly organised; it should evoke emotions and be unforgettable. In short, it must be the kind of event that you’d want to tell other people about.  At event-factory we know how to deliver this kind of event. We know how to make participants talk about your products in the context of the events they took part in. We have been successfully attracting crowds for more than a decade, producing perfectly masterminded events and building lasting relationships between people and brands.
We deliver a broad range of event-marketing services. In doing so, we adhere to a set of rules that have helped us to achieve more than a decade of market success. First, we always take care of the minutest details regardless of the project’s complexity, budget and the number of participants. Second is the quality of the solution on offer. It is the quality, and not the price, that is our main competitive advantage. This is followed by innovation and creativity in how we approach every project. Finally, satisfaction with the final outcome is equally as important as profit generation. For this reason, we start by thinking about the effects and the quality of the event, and only then do we begin to calculate the kind of revenues the event can bring in.