Milka. Tender Town 2014!

73 activity days, 700 project locations, 1 grand final, 3 towns, 3 mass events, 60 thousand participants and live broadcasts by RMF FM and TVN. 2.5 million spectators, 7 million of ‘virtual hugs’ online and 8.3 views of the campaign website. Loads of good fun, gigawatts of positive energy and purple madness that captured the entire country. This is the second Tender Town campaign, the winner of MP Power Awards.

Three open-air events held at the same time were the last step of the exceptional activity co-organized by event-factory, Starcom Mediavest, RMF FM and TVN and commissioned by Mondelez Polska, to owner of Milka brand. The campaign “Milka. Let’s choose the nicest town in Poland” brought together a regular advertising campaign,  PR activities and a nation-wide web poll with numerous offline activities and reached out to millions of people across Poland.

700 out of 908 Polish cities and towns took part in the project. The Purple Bus team travelled the country in search of the nicest and most positively inclined citizens. With their hidden cameras, the team visited 8 towns and shot some exceptional filming material, provoking local residents to engage in nice behaviour and to be tender. The following towns made it to the finals: Rawa Mazowiecka (twice), Augustów and Krynica. The cities were brought together by their local communities’ determination to fight for the title of the most tender town, which comes with a half a million zlotys allocated for promotion.The cities were encouraged to battle it out thanks to keeping the event in the style of a TV show and through involvement of the media – the TVN television channel and radio RMF FM. Participants, with fingers crossed, were cheered by one in every twelve Poles! There were competitions involving all age groups, professions as well as social happenings integrating the residents. They were attracted to the event thanks to the best Polish music and popular hosts ( Maryla Rodowicz, Kayah and Zakopower, Marcin Prokop, Irek Bieleninik and  Piotr Gąsowski).

We planned and successfully implemented the logistics of 3 large-scale events carried out on the same day, against a very short deadline of ca. 40 days between the selection of the finalist cities and the grand finals.

To measure the success of actions let's look at the numbers: 700 out of 908 Polish towns and cities joined the competition. 60 thousand people appeared by the 3 stages. 2.5 million viewers watched the live broadcast on TV. During the action, every fifth Pole has shared the Milka "hug" on the internet. 8.3 million people visited the action's website. We distributed 6 tons of sweets and managed to acquire 7 million shares on FB. Ultimately, this campaign brought event-factory a prestigious title of the best 2014 event in MP Power Awards competition.