Oknoplast’s Pixel

The event celebrating the international launch of the PIXEL window, the latest product by Oknoplast, was all about technology, design and lights. The ceremony was organized at a very special venue of the Shakespeare Theatre in Gdansk.

It took 3 months of intense preparations, meetings, documents and many hours of creative sessions and brainstorms to prepare the Oknoplast event. Ultimately, a spectacular and unconventional gig was created with the use of almost 1,500 meters of cable, next to 10 tons of equipment and 80 technicians, producers, sound and light engineers along with a professional production team of event-factory.

Exceptional events call for exceptional scenery. Therefore, we invited journalists from all around Europe (i.e. France, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Slovenia) to the Shakespeare Theatre in Gdansk, i.e. the only facility in Europe, which is a faithful rendition of an Elizabethan theatre and features an opening roof system. Hence, the spectacles can be staged in open air, just like in the times of Shakespeare. A giant open roof mechanism, which allows natural light inside, has strong connotations with a window. During the event, the theatre space was completely reorganized, i.e. suites of boxed were built up with projection screens, giving us over 280 square meters of video mapping space on 3 walls – 270 degrees. The audience was invited to take their places at the scene. The main narrative thread was camera work with mapping and video materials. The event’s leitmotif was the WINDOW presented in exceptional scenery, multiplied in symmetric division of the projection space. The new product was introduced in a context. Pixel was presented in stories about selected matching ideas: technology, design, light and their role in everyday life. The concept was developed by Piotr Nawara, Krakow-based architect (co-author of Tadeusz Kantor’s museum, inter alia), who told a griping story about the phenomenon of a window in world architecture and the painter Jacek Sroka, who discussed light and its role in life and art.

The ceremony was crowned with ballet and acrobat ensemble, which used dance and music to depict 3 key characteristics of the new product: TECHNOLOGY, DESIGN and LIGHT. The multimedia gig was closed with BOKKA band concert and the presentation of the new window in a dedicated Oknoplast’s showroom, followed by Jacek Sroka’s painting exhibition and a cocktail party.